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Welcome. Feel free to look around.

Hello, and thank you for stopping by Several Ways, the writing challenge community. We are no longer doing regular challenges but there are plenty of great little ficlets here to read, so look around, explore and enjoy.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed. Keep writing!
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I have been so busy and I doubt I've been missed. But anyway!

Challenge 20:
Several Ways to to break is closed!

Challenge 21:
Several Ways to have a Redux is now open.

Any prompt issued since August (?) is up for grabs. Open till there are at least five stories posted. :)
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Mod Post

Challenge 19:
Several Ways to Cry
is closed!

Challenge 20:
Several Ways to Break
is now open.

This challenge will close Nov 9th @ midnight. I will be out of town that weekend, but I will try... :)(even if I do feel a tad ridiculous)
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challenge post

Challenge 18: Several Ways to Get Away With Murder is closed!

Challenge 19: Several Ways to Cry is now open.

This challenge will close Oct. 26th @ midnight.

Remember the several ways can all be in one fic... the key is to have "several ways" ;)
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Mod Post

Oh man, my day today...

So the challenged should end tonight, but my brain is aching and I can't think of the next challenge right now. So here are my options...

Either I mention to you something a friend of mine pointed out, which was something about "dying" as a Shakespearean euphemism and therefore, in that case, murder could also be used in such a way... which could have you thinking about that challenge in a whole new way,

OR I make you wait till tomorrow for the new one. [feel free to offer suggestions. I'm just one gal after all]
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To dance

Title: Masquerade
Author: Bookaddict
Fandom: The Inside
Characters: Mel, Danny
Rating PG
Word count: 294

Collapse )


Title: Mingle
Author: Bookaddict
Fandom: The Inside
Characters: Mel, Danny
Rating: PG
Word count: 157

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Mod Post

Okay, Tomorrow is the change over day, even though I forgot to put a date in the Challenge Post... *makes oops face* However, since I am in the process of moving and my internet connection is sporadic I am going to keep this challenge open for one more week. So Several Ways to Dance challenge will end Sept 14th @ midnight (Even if the new challenge is posted sooner than that time.)